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Selling Tips

Presentation is extremely important for a quick and successful sale. A well maintained home shows the buyer that you have cared for your home.

Just a few minor repairs can eliminate potential negotiation problems when selling your property. Buyers notice sticking windows and doors, loose door knobs, dripping taps or faulty plumbing and other things you might be used to.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Make a lasting impression – A tidy, well presented front and back yard. Clean walkways and entrances clear of toys and garden tools shows you are proud of your home
  • Engage the senses – The smell of freshly cut flowers, lightly scented essential oil and freshly brewed coffee is welcoming and creates atmosphere
  • Turn the lights on – Even on a sunny day, light improves the ambience and gives a sense of space
  • Keep it fresh – Fresh flowers and healthy indoor plants brighten a home
  • Welcome relief – In the heat of the summer open all windows and turn on fans to allow the breeze through your home. Alternatively, turn on the air conditioner
  • Cozy up – In the cool of the winter, warm your home with adequate heating. Add colour and comfort with an attractive throw, cushions and other accessories
  • Keep it tranquil – Avoid loud, distracting noises such as the radio and television. Instead have ambient music playing softly in the background. It adds atmosphere and is relaxing
  • Space clearing – The least amount of clutter in your home, including garages, the more spacious it will seem. Enhance your storage space by keeping linen cupboards and wardrobes clean and tidy
  • Focus – Keep distraction to a minimum. During an inspection, vacate the property and keep children and pets away if possible

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